Deeds of Settlement

Ngati Koata Deed of Settlement

The Crown and Ngāti Kōata signed a Deed of Settlement on 21 December 2012. A Deed to Amend was signed in August 2013

The actions of the Crown left Ngāti Kōata without sufficient and suitable lands for their needs, which had serious consequences for their social and cultural wellbeing.

The Deed of Settlement sets out financial redress of $11.76 million, the opportunity to purchase Waimea and Hira forestry land near Nelson, and in particular recognition of the strong association and conection Ngāti Kōata have with Rangitoto ki te Tonga/D'Urville Island, Takapourewa/Stephens Island, Whakaterepapanui Island and French Pass.

A copy of the Ngāti Kōata Settlement Summary is available here

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Ngati Koata Deed to Amend August 2013 95 KB
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